Here Are The Hidden ROIs of Using Surveillance in Business


Surveillance is a major part of commercial security companies, and comes with a bunch of hidden benefits for businesses to take advantage of. Apart from the ROI of protecting people, property and equipments, high-quality cameras serve a range of benefits that hard to quantify. Whether you are a retail store, a manufacturing plant or an office space, there are some things that cannot be measured, but are very crucial nevertheless.


For instance, consider the relation between surveillance systems and Worker’s Compensation claims. Though cameras are generally installed to prevent theft and keeping an eye on the whole system using traditional security measures, they can also help to get insights from incidents such as accidents or injuries, and use that to prevent future injuries. It can also be used as document to challenge invalid claims. When the average of comp claims amounting to $28,000 for medical costs, added with loss of productivity and other costs, the ROI of a security camera can help to save to lot of money in case of unfair claims.


Modern security systems also comes with analytics that can used to monitor customer behaviors and traits. Things such as measuring frequency of customer visits, what time of the day they come, how long do they stand in line, and where do they browse, can be used to enhance business performance, reduce cost, improve staffings and sales and more.


If you do the math, the formula of calculating ROI is known as Annualized Loss Expectancy (ALE). The cost of security is calculated in tangible forms, such as money and time, along with less tangible components like reputation and competitive advantage. Once you found the costs, multiply that with the probability of the risk. For instance, if the probability of your store being robbed is 10%, and on an average can cost you $15,000, you should not spend more than $1500 on security.


Along with all these, adding surveillance to a workplace or business place can play a vital role at shaping behaviors of customers and employees. When people know that they are being watched, they tend to be more attentive to their actions and make less mistakes. Not to mention, for employees to know that their workplace is under surveillance, also adds security and comfort to know that their possessions and belongs are being monitored. All of the benefits cannot be put into value, but they do help to keep the business more productive and safer, not to mention, even provide insights to improve productivity.


So before you think that surveillance cameras are not needed, take these factors into account and consider how they can help you come out some of these situations.

Growth Strategies for IT companies

If you run a business then Baltimore IT firm is important that you put plans in place that will outline ways in which to grow the business so that it can increase profits and sales. There are now many different methods that can be carried out if you wish to develop a growth strategy within a company and these are often used by new companies and by companies that have already developed. In this article we will outline a number of different growth techniques that can be used if you wish to develop a business and develop it in different ways.

Growth Strategies for IT companies

Expansion of products

This is a technique that can be used by a small company and will involve adding new products to an existing market or by developing new features to existing products. When this takes place, a new development of products will be sold within a market that is existing and this is a strategy that can work incredibly well when modern technology begins to change. This can also be an important thing to do if the current models and products become outdated.

Carry out an acquisition

In the situation of an acquisition, a company will have the ability to purchase other companies so that it can expand in operations. This may be used by smaller companies so that they can develop their line of products, and enter into new market areas that they have not entered before. This can be a risky thing to do, as the company will need to know how the new company that they are purchasing works from the bottom up, so that they are able to take control.

The strategy of diversification

This is a strategy of growth that is used in businesses and involves selling a range of new products to an entirely new market. This is a strategy that is used but can be incredibly risky if it is not done correctly. It is therefore incredibly important to plan very carefully, so as to carry out a diversification strategy of growth effectively. In order to do this, the company will need to carry out a high level of market research. They will need to do this, so that they can find out whether customers will appreciate the new products that are placed into the market.

The technique of penetration within the market

This technique can be used if a small company wishes to penetrate a market that they are already supplying products to. This will allow them the ability of increasing their market share within this market and this can be a technique that can be carried out by lowering the current prices of the products that are on the market.

These techniques can all be used effectively so as to develop the growth within a business and some of these techniques are more risky than others. It is therefore important to consider the techniques and strategies that you wish to carry out, and to understand how these work, so that you can execute them.

Smile On Client Face As Stiff Competition Among Managed Service Providers

Stiff competition among managed service providers has intensified. This has in turn led to improved service delivery. Each wants to stay ahead of the competition by providing high quality IT service to corporations. This has greatly benefited clients.

Many companies that rely on IT service from managed services provider have expressesd their satisfaction about the excellent IT service that they are currently receiving. They admit that it is much better than before. Thanks to the stiff compettion among service providers as each tries to outshine the other.

manage service

The increase in number of managed service providers has led to a situation where clients can freely choose their company of choice. They can now select companies they trust to give them high quality service. Such service providers have experts with wealth of experience in offering IT service to clients. And because they want to enter into contract with clients, managed service providers strive to make sure that they provide services that suit the business needs of their customers.

Managed service providers are now investing heavily in modern tools and excellent technology to ensure that they provide the best services. They are spending huge sums of money to acquire resources which will enhance service delivery. The reason behind their concerted efforts is to make sure that clients continue to hire their service.

According to business analysts, this trend is very significant because it will lead to growth and expansion of business. This is because the modern world of business heavily relies on the use of Information Technology. Therefore any effort geared towards improving IT services subsequently improves business productivity.

On the flipside, as many companies continue to embrace the services of managed service providers, analysts predict that a number of IT empoyees will lose their jobs. Management will try to get rid of them so as to reduce on costs. Besides, with the availability of high quality services from IT specialists, in house IT team will be considered unnecessary. However, other companies will adjust the duties of their IT personnel to focus on strategic plans so as to achieve the objectives of the organization.

According to a CEO of a top corporation, it is better to use managed service provider than merely depend on in-house IT staff. He added that their services are reliable and simply the best for any organization that wants to meet its goals. Hiring managed service provider is a gurantee that you will be satified with services offered as compared to inhouse team which may sometimes fail to deliver to company’s expectations especially if the issues are more complicated.

It is expected that competition among managed service providers will continue to intensify as many of them embrace new tools and equipment to improve service delivery to their clients. Companies are expected to continue benefiting from high quality service which will in turn lead to increased productivity.

Even as clients expect to rip maximum benefits from managed service providers, getting rid of some IT staff cannot be ruled out. Neverthless, clients continue to expect the best as competition becomes more intense.

The Top 10 IT Outsourcing Service Providers of the Year

This ranking is usually done based on performance of the IT firms in various categories. After consolidating the information, the global overall ranking for the outsourcing industry was released. The top 10 IT service providers of the year are:


Cognizant has had an upper hand on most IT firms due to the fact that they have an increased coverage in the key areas of life such as life sciences as well as health care.


Being a firm that continually seeking to transform itself, Accenture was actually named the leader of the year, despite coming in as position two on overall. Most of the IT outsourcing philadelphia opportunities from Accenture usually from down from the firm’s management consulting engagements. This is the reason why they managed to get a connection with the key stakeholders, getting an invitation to participate in a transformational deal of more than a decade. Also, the firm is seeking to expand beyond its legacy in consultancy into an integrated infrastructure model and product solutions. This will give them a perfect shot at deals that are only accessed by business process providers.



IBM shifted from complete IT outsourcing in the 80’s and started offering platform solutions in the 90’s and now to offshoring and beyond. Even with the fall of big firms, IBM has managed to remain relevant over the years. The firm has made greater investments in digital and cloud investments than any other firm has done. The very powerful upstarts like Rackspace and Amazon are posing a major challenge.

TCS and Wipro

These two come in position 4 and 5. The two have a competitive performance in financial and banking services. This actually accounts for more than half of the revenue collected.


HCL was named the ‘star performer’ of the year. Due to their major transformations in terms of service infrastructure, they are receiving a couple of invitations to major deals that only IBM or HP could have attended in the past. The firm is also well known for having a sales force that is very aggressive. Due to this, they have managed to build a solid ground for long term deals.


Dell has been undergoing major growth over the years and the fact that it appears among the top 10 list is no surprise. Just like Cognizant, the firm has an upper hand due to the fact that they deal with issues of key importance such as life sciences and health care.


The key strength of Infosys is their balanced performance. The firms’ subsidiary for the business process outsourcing, Infosys BPO was set up in 2002.


Having been founded in 1901, ISS has been growing over the years and is now one of the top facility companies globally. They offer a wide range of services such as property and support services, security services etc.

CSCThis ranking is usually done based on performance of the IT firms in various categories. After consolidating the information, the global overall ranking for the outsourcing industry was released. 

This multinational firm offers integrated IT services, IT infrastructure outsourcing, enterprise application management and development. They have demonstrated competence in management, hence their success so far.

Information Technology Consulting Firms

IT consulting firms are firms that focuses on advising organizations on how to use IT in achieving their business objectives and deadlines. In addition to providing advice, IT consulting calgary often deploy, administer, implement, manage and estimate IT systems on behalf of their clients a practice called outsourcing.

IT consulting

The IT consulting firms perform the following functions:

Professional services which is maintaining command high bill rates and large professional workforces.

Placing technologists with businesses and companies on a temporary basis in response to employee who are constantly absent, technical projects and temporary skill shortages.

  • Work as independent contractors in their own right or be self-employed.
  • Information Technology security consultants
  • Reasons why consulting firms are being used a lot:
  • To gain access to the consultants’ specialized expertise
  • To gain external, recommendations and objective advice
  • To outsource part or all of the information technology services from a specific company
  • Hiring of employees on a temporary basis using consulting firms

Prerequisites and major obstacles

Consulting firms help to alleviate the issues of taking a business to the next level, the consulting firm will help in defining the scope time-frame, cost and scope of the project. The IT consultancy will help in supporting and nurturing the company from the insipient stages until it is completed. It will deliver the project not only to complete customer satisfaction the but also in scope, time and cost.

Project scoping and planning

This is one crucial problems that businesses and companies face. If not tackled well it can lead to high financial losses. The IT consulting firm will help in project scoping and crucial planning as business owners are usually green on matters concerning planning hence the IT firm will undertake the process.

Business process and system design

Business systems and processes that the project is going to deliver are intimately linked the project scope. Regardless of whether the project of the business is to discontinue parts of the business that are not profitable or launch a new product range, the change will definitely have an impact on business systems and processes. The documentation of your project on business systems and processes requirements are as fundamental to project scoping.

Project management support

Businesses that have influence, vision and authority driven by an astute employee are the ones that end up to be the most successful businesses. Most of the businesses have a good drive that leads to change. It is highly unlikely that an owner of a business will realize the changes unless the owner of the business has one of the people in his or her employment. Though all this can be done by an employee, companies opt to hire IT consulting firms because they have experience and skills needed to undertake the projects efficiently and professionally. This makes IT consulting firms efficient and on high demand.

  • IT consulting firm skills
  • An IT consultant firm has employees with the following skills:
  • Communication skills
  • Management skills
  • Advisory skill
  • Advisory language skills
  • Technical skills
  • Business skills
  • Technical language skills

Nouveau Information Technology Solutions Company

IT solutions edmonton should be majorly considered in your business, it offers services that will make your work easier. And the Nouveau IT Solution Company knows this and they have offered you a hand. A hand that will help in terms of the technical issues, and will be with you all through your success.


Its headquarter is in Wokingham, Berkshire. It also has a regional office in Warrington, Cheshire. Their aim is to contribute to the technology based on or day to day lives in business.


It was founded in 1992, it is a specialist network and security solutions company that offers consultancy, professional and managed services and software development. It is known for its exceptional customer services and figuring out IT solutions and strategies that work well in your business. They go to where they are needed and offer services to your organization.

They deliver results. They believe no more talk but action, immediately after giving the permission to commence. They give you right information, and with the right time they get their job done. They work with the public sector, enterprise and SME organizations. They work not only for today but for the future use.

They always provide superior and proactive customer experience. It is trained and instilled in all employees today. They always ensure you are happy customer before and after the service. They believe your satisfaction is their satisfaction.

Their work has proven to be of high quality. They are very disciplined and principled when having customer interaction. There is no client given special treatment, all of them are treated well. They are also consistent in what they do. They keep time and beat deadlines.

They are client centric, guaranteeing you that they will focus on you and your business, this will ensure high quality services. They are flexible in what they deliver, every client has different problems and each needs to be solved differently, they have no problem doing so. There are expert due to training and attaining the technical knowledge making them an upper hand compared to the self-called IT technician in offering you good services.

They also offer assurance of your data being secure. It is said that information is a powerful tool in the business, it can lead to the downfall or uprising of a business enterprise. They offer security models. They have among the best security strategies in a business. They have other varieties of firewall security products which help in the making of your business.

They are also leading suppliers of Fortinet products which includes: fortiwifi products, fortiAP range device, Fortigate appliances and many more they have a FCNSA and FCNSP certified engineers available to assist in any Fortinet technology and implementation.

Nouveau IT solutions has shown to be more efficient and ready to grow the business with the entrepreneur. It knows what you need and with the exemplary skills they provide high quality services. This is the best solution for your IT infrastructure. No more frustration due to lack of technology or updates.

Commercial Security Systems – An investment for peace of mind

commercial security systems

People used to take security for granted back when things were more peaceful and there were not so many threats to worry about. These days, however, only those with nothing to lose can really afford to ignore security measures. In fact many private homes now sport an assortment of surveillance video cameras, sensors and alarms.

It is therefore surprising that in some business establishments commercial security systems are only employed after something has already gone wrong. In some cases, where existing commercial security systems are in use, it takes a bad incident to prod the owners to upgrade them to adequate levels. These people realize too late that a camera missing at a particular entrance, or a sensor at a sensitive area could have prevented significant losses. In many cases the cost of the security system or component they have failed to install is so tiny when compared to the losses they have incurred.

The Importance of Security Assessments

After you have accepted the need for commercial security systems, the next step is to assess the security threats you need to protect against. This will help define the features and capabilities your security system needs to have.

For example, the areas covered by a business establishment would determine how many video surveillance cameras need to be deployed and where they should be installed. Generally, larger areas require more cameras. If some areas are not properly lighted, the video cameras there may have to be fitted with night vision capability. Where it is important to make out faces and license plate numbers, high definition (HD) cameras can be installed.

Access control systems and equipments should match the company’s needs. For small businesses, such as a mom and pop store, access control ID cards and badges may not be that important; they may even be unnecessary. But as the number of employees and areas of operations rise, the need for efficient access control measures increase. The main purpose of access control systems is to limit entry to secure spaces and access to sensitive data only to those who absolutely need them. Such systems only work properly when access permissions are judiciously granted. This article on offers tips on handling data security threats.

On the need for intrusion detection systems, you should assess the areas where people would try to gain unauthorized entry, and the way they are likely to go about it. You can pick the type of sensors based on your assessment. Sometimes a simple contact break sensor is enough, but there are also sensors which detect heat, motion, pressure, etc. You assessment of the business premises will also determine the number and locations of required intrusion detection sensors.

Most people fail to assess for the need to install sensors which can warn of hazards such as toxic fumes and the like unless these are mandated by law. But an investment in personnel and property safe always pays off; for all you know the life you protect may be your own.

Assessments help ensure you get adequate security for your business, no more and no less; then you can sleep well knowing your assets are protected.

Touch Technology – Its Strengths And Weaknesses

touch screen technology

Insofar as computer and smart device display technologies is concerned, the development and introduction of the touch technology screen is one of the most popular. This is due in part to the impressive way such screens recognize deft touches and simple gestures as data inputs and commands. Such technology is a great leap forward over passive display screens which were only good for viewing. And of course, touch technology screen is intuitive and convenient to the user; some companies say the efficiency of their employees improve with touch screens. But then everything has pros and cons; even amazing new technology like interactive touch screens. This online article contains lots of information about touch screens.

The Advantages Of Touch Screens

The first thing that strikes you about touch screens is how intuitive they are. For most of us, having been exposed to smart phones with touch technology makes the leap to touch screen tablets and computers a lot easier. The combination of keyboard and mouse we used to have does not offer the file opening and image manipulation convenience that an interactive touch screen does. Look around and you will see very young children deftly manipulating smart device touch screens with ease.

New interactive touch screens, especially large ones, often have the ability to recognize multiple touches and gestures at the same time. This allows multiple people to use the same screen at the same time. This makes it a great tool for making presentations, for making a sale, or for collaborating on projects. Gamers will be thrilled to be able to play against each other using the same touch screen instead of having to rely on networks or the internet to connect them.

Another advantage touch screens offer is reduced clutter. You no longer have to depend on a mouse and a keyboard to enter data or access files. And to be quite honest they are far more impressive than the keyboard and mouse combination we are used to.

The Weaknesses Of Touch Screens

Touch screens have their disadvantages too. One of the most apparent is that, ironically, the sense of touch is lost. You cannot feel the separate keys needed to input text and numbers. This makes current touch screens unsuitable for those who are visually challenged. Haptic technology which will allow us to touch objects displayed on touch screens virtually are still being developed.

Depending on the technology used and the number of features, touch screens can be more expensive than passive monitor screens. And even the different technologies used to make touch screens have their own weaknesses. Infrared touch screens are sensitive to smudges and solid objects placed on top of them. Resistive technology touch screens are prone to conductor breakage as it requires a small amount of force to be exerted on its flexible top layer. Projected capacitance screens are easily disrupted by electro-magnetic interference. Those screens using surface acoustic wave technology can easily be affected by rain or snow.

Despite some shortcomings, touch screens have greatly improved human-computer interaction. And once technology finds solutions to some of its weaknesses, people will no longer be content with passive view-only screens.